Good Magazine Donates Subscription Fees to Charity

Posted on September 29, 2006

A new magazine is focusing on altruism. Good Magazine is an offshoot of Reason Pictures. Both companies were founded by Ben Goldhirsh, who is the son of Inc. founder Bernie Goldhirsch. Subscription fees to Good or donated to the charity of your choice. The magazine has a goal of reaching 50,000 subscribers and giving away $1 million dollars by mid 2007. Eat the Press describes Good's first issue.

The first issue is out and has some heft behind it; New Yorker columnist James Surowiecki think-pieces on America's popularity, Neal Pollock writes on the financial realities of modern parenthood and contrasts it with what existed when he was a child (also pleasing New Yorkers with a mini-diss on L.A.), Jeffrey Sachs on fighting poverty, and Russian writer Gary Shteyngart on why he likes the U.S.A. (Capitalism is up there, natch). That last one isn't an irony; the do-GOODers aren't out to tax away the hard-earned inheritances of its readers, but rather to emphasize a socially-conscious agenda into the realities of high achievers across the board.
Gawker has been pretty cynical about Good and has blogged about the magazine several times. Gawker describes Good as "a magazine for rich kids who've inherited large chunks of change and need help in figuring out how to give it away."

Good's website does have some informative content such as a section that provides a breakdown on the crucial midterm races. The magazine will be sold at Whole Foods and other locations.

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