Followup on BlogSpot Nonsense Splogs

Posted on January 3, 2006

Mark at R Webs Designs has done some investigative blogging in response to our post about nonsense blog spam. In our post we listed several nonsense splogs we had found as spam in a referrer log like, and Mark's post connects the nonsense BlogSpot splogs to sites like, and

What does "VooDoo Blogger" do? I'll only mention one or two. First - "This software will allow you to easily create 1000/s of blogs fast and easy" and second - "Create custom blog clusters for any niche."

Might you be getting the idea that this is somehow related to the Blogspot Splogs you mentioned?

Go back and look at that "Stealth Advertiser" and you'll see a couple of interesting comments about the "advantages" in the FAQ's.

So the nonsense splogs and referrer spam were created by some very annoying splog and referrer spam generating software. Kudos to Mark for investigating the post. The good news is that the there are now five less splogs in the world. That short list of nonsense BlogSpot splogs this blog and then Mark's blog discussed now give 404 -- Page Not Found responses.

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