Fake Kanye West Twitter Removed

Posted on December 10, 2008

An apparently fake Twitter account claiming to be Kanye West came to the attention of Kanye West during Stephen Colbert's plot to knock Kanye West from the #1 slot on iTunes. Kanye West noticed a tweet related to Operate Humble Kanye on the @kanyewest Twitter account and said "that's not me" on his blog.

Rolling Stone reports the @kanyewest Twitter has been removed.

The Kanye West Twitter page has since been taken down. With past Twitters like "and I just keep doing my thing-putting out G.O.O.D. music and cultivating my craft" and thanking America for electing Barack Obama, the page had all the makings of another stump for which West could shout from, except for one major detail: It wasn't updated nearly enough for it to actually belong to West, who posts upwards of ten times a day on his blog.
The fake Kanye is gone but why isn't the real Kanye twittering. Some of his blog posts are tweet-sized anyway. One would think he could at a minimum at least hook his blog feed up to Twitter.

Update: The real Kanye West now uses the @kanyewest Twitter account.

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