Education and Writing

Writing overlaps with nearly every field and is central to learning. This section covers education, learning writing, teaching writing and pursuing a writing-related career. Here you will find resources, articles and more.

Why Young Writers Need to Enjoy Shakespeare
The importance of exposing young writers and students to Shakespeare is made clear.

Grammar and Style
Visit our grammar and style section for resources, advice, articles, links to writing labs, citation generator resources and more.

MFA Creative Writing Programs
Find links to helpful articles and databases that will help you find an MFA program in creative writing.

Journalism Schools
A list of journalism schools and resources.

Writing Scholarships
This section shows you some of the writing scholarships available.

The Lazy Scholar's Guide to Writing A Term Paper
The Lazy Scholar will show you how to create a term paper efficiently and painlessly.

J.K. Rowling Gives Tips for Young Writers
J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, has some advice for kids who aspire to be writers. A couple of her tips are write what you know and always plan your work. She also says that perseverance is essential.

PEG Writing
Find out more about PEG writing and how it can help students.

Writing Prompts for Kids
Find writing prompts and story starters that can help inspire children to get creative and write.

Writing Rules: The Ten and A Half Commandments of Writing
Great advice on story writing for beginning and young writers.

Education Writing Resources
A list of education writing resources.