Dick Cheney Talks Wife Lynne, Five Presidents in In My Time Video

Posted on September 16, 2011

Dick Cheney In My Time

Dick Cheney told NBC News' Jamie Gangle that his new book, In My Time, would make heads explode in Washington. The book has indeed made some people very angry. A less controversial side of Dick Cheney can be seen in this book video from publisher Simon & Schuster. He talks about his first meeting with Donald Rumsfeld and says Rumsfeld kicked him out of his office after ten minutes. Cheney also talks about his first date with his wife Lynne and shares high school photographs. He says, "At crucial times in my life, Lynne's been there when it really mattered."

Cheney also talks about the five presidents he worked for - Nixon, Ford, Reagan, President Geoge H.W. Bush and President George W Bush. Cheney says he is reluctant to say which president is better. By not saying he misses an opportunity to make even more heads explode in Washington. Take a look:

Photo: Simon & Schuster

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