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Memoirs are a very popular type of nonfiction book. Memoirs often famous people - celebrities, politicians, singers, etc. - often become bestsellers. There have also been fake memoir scandals that have rocked the publishing world. Here is our coverage of memoirs:

  • Oprah's Book Imprint to Publish Alicia Keys' Autobiography (2019-04-10): Alicia Keys has written an autobiography and it will be published by Oprah's new book imprint.

  • Author Herman Wouk Publishing Memoir for His 100th Birthday (2015-05-22): Bestselling author Herman Wouk turns 100 on May 27th. He's finishing up his memoir which will hit bookstores in December.

  • Misha Defonseca Ordered to Pay Back $22.5 to Publisher Over Fake Holocaust Memoir (2014-05-12): Author Misha Defonseca has been ordered to pay her publisher $22.5 million in a copyright case about the author's fake Holocaust memoir.

  • Singer Songwriter John Fogerty Reveals Battle With Debilitating Writer's Block in New Memoir (2012-11-21): Little, Brown and Company announced today that it will publish the memoir of legendary rock and roll songwriter and singer John Fogerty.

  • Fred Armisen Impersonates Penny Marshall to Promote Her New Memoir (2012-09-13): Penny Marshall has a new memoir out called My Mother Was Nuts.

  • Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey Lands Memoir Deal With HarperCollins (2012-07-03): HarperCollins imprint Ecco won a heated auction for the rights to publish the memoir of United States Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey.

  • Toni Morrison Decides Against Writing a Memoir (2012-03-15): The Plain Dealer reports that author Toni Morrison told students at Oberlin College - which is near her hometown of Lorian - that she no longer plans to publish a memoir.

  • Et tu, Deepak? Chopra Snubs Crown Books, Sells Memoir to (2011-11-07): Trident Media Group announced that it brokered a deal between Deepak Chopra and Amazon.

  • Singer-Songwriter Carole King to Write Memoir (2011-06-13): Carole King, 69, has signed with Grand Central Publishing to publish a memoir in April 2012.

  • Greg Mortensen's Memoir Under Scrutiny Following 60 Minutes Investigation (2011-04-20): The latest scandal plagued memoir is Greg Mortenson's 1993 bestseller, Three Cups of Tea.

  • Roger Ebert to Write Memoir (2010-05-18): Film critic Roger Ebert is writing a memoir.

  • Oprah Nearly Duped By Fake Holocaust Memoir (2008-12-29): It's time for another fake memoir scandal.

  • Dean Koontz Writing Dog Memoir (2008-10-16): Horror author Dean Koontz has writing a dog book. It is a memoir about his deceased golden retriever.

  • Sir Salman Rushdie Furious at Bodyguard's Tell All Memoir (2008-08-02): Sir Salman Rushdie is furious at a tell-all book written by a former body guard. He is threatening to sue.

  • The Obsession With Memoirs (2008-04-24): Everyone is writing a memoir these days, it seems.

  • More Fallout From the Faux Gang Memoir Incident (2008-03-17): The New York Times public editor, Clark Hoyt investigates how the faux gangbanger memoir Love and Consequences by "Margaret B.

  • Holocaust Memoir is a Big Fake (2008-03-07): Another memoir turns out to be a big fake.

  • Gangbanger Memoir Scandal Grows (2008-03-05): The faux gangbanger memoir story continues to percolate .

  • Author Admits Gang Memoir Was a Big Fake (2008-03-04): Here we go again.

  • Bai Ling Becomes an Author (2006-04-03): Actress and reality TV star Bai Ling has announced that she is now going to be an author.