Comparison Time: Emailing and Blogging

Posted on January 30, 2006

Hey, do you send email? Then you are a blogger -- or at least you could be. At least that seems to be the gist of a post on Personal Tech Pipeline.

If you consider the technical differences between e-mail on the one hand and blogging and RSS on the other, you'll note that they're surprisingly slim. Both are designed to minimize user steps to convey HTML over the Internet.

The end-product differences are slimmer still, typically involving commentary and links.

So if you forget the buzz, hype and mystique, chances are, you're a blogger. It's just that you choose e-mail as your blogging software application.

The input forms are increasingly similar but email tends to target a single person. Email also isn't public -- you can't look through the archives of a person's email unless they put it on the Internet. Emailing is not blogging but it would be correct to say that if you are capable of composing and sending an email then you shouldn't have much trouble posting to a blog.

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