Clinton Finishes My Life Book

Posted on May 17, 2004

Clinton has finished writing his memoirs and send the complete manuscript to his editors. The book, called My Life, is expected to be available in stores near the end of June, 2004. The book is estimated to be 900 pages long. He had a lot to say.

The Age reports that the book has aninitial print run for 1.5 million copies.

Alfred A Knopf spokesman Paul Bogaards says, "The writing was completed late last week, and right now we are finishing up the editing process. It's about 900 pages, but of course we have an index to add and then there is still some editing to be done."

President Clinton has been working on the book for two years. He joked when addressing a panel last month, "I feel like an inmate in a prison, who just got out on parole." Writing can be a draining process at times.

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