Chris Rock's Secret Writing Weapon

Posted on February 16, 2005

By now, surely you've heard all the controversy surrounding the selection of comedian Chris Rock to host the Oscars in an effort to increase ratings and draw a demographic that's more youthful and hip. Towards that end, Rock has been giving interviews and poking fun of the Oscars themselves and those who watch them. Sample: Rock jokingly told Entertainment Weekly that "Only gay men watch the Oscars." "What straight black man sits there and watches the Oscars? Show me one!" The cynical among us think that this is all an orchestrated campaign to create controversy. And who is helping Rock write all these naughty jokes? Why, it's David Spade. He told Jimmy Kimmel last night that he's helping Rock write his material and feels sure that Rock will upset and offend a large group of people. We usually just tune in to see what everyone's wearing and who won the screenwriting awards, but ok, we'll bite. Now we'll tune in to see just how offensive the monologue will be. Oh, and to see if it's true producer Gil Cates is going to make the star nominees all stand on stage at once (like Miss America) and hold hands while they announce who won. So cruel....

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