Captain America Returns With a New Look

Posted on October 15, 2007

Marvel's Captain America superhero was gunned down by a sniper earlier this year but he has managed to make a comeback. Fox News reports that Captain America's comeback includes a patriotic new look created by artist Alex Ross.

The company unveiled the patriotic superhero's new look Thursday with artwork by Alex Ross and Steve Epting for the new issue, No. 34, to hit comic book shops in January 2008.

Captain America will return with his trademark shield, but he also will have some new firepower. The artists are bringing the hero back with a gun.

"I always try and look back in the character's history to something that maybe was a forgotten costume element from a bygone age, maybe one of the earlier costume elements, to see if you could bring that part back," Ross told "Well, funny enough, there's this awful movie serial made in the '40s with Cap where he had no shield, no wings on his mask, no white sleeves, little tiny gloves, and he carried a gun."

Technically, it was Steve Rogers (Captain America) who was killed so there may be someone new wearing the Captain America costume. Marvel confirms that Steve Rogers is still dead.

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