Blogs Cover Sundance Film Festival

Posted on January 24, 2006

The Sundance Film Festival is becoming a blog fest according to a Reuters story that reports on some of the blog coverage. Eugene Hernandez, editor of, told Reuters that "Blogs are becoming a vital part of an independent film scene that relies on word-of-mouth and alternative media to truly thrive."

Another site,, has a name that clearly indicates what it covers. It is part of the Weblogs Inc. Network. Weblogs Inc. founder Jason Calacanis, says, "I blogged live from inside movie theaters. I'd sit in the back row with my laptop. It's the closest thing to live coverage."

The article focuses on Sundance blogging from and Weblogs Inc.'s Cinematical. Other blogs mentioned include Defamer and Hollywood Elsewhere. These blogs are providing a significant amount of Sundance coverage but they aren't they only blogs covering Sundance.

Graphs from Technorati or BlogPulse show the predictable burst in Sundance blog coverage. Technorati shows 19,800+ english language posts containing the keyword Sundance and BlogPulse shows over 12,400 results. has listed over 27,000 posts.

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