Blogs, Cell Phones Provide Coverage of Virginia Tech Shootings

Posted on April 16, 2007

Information Week reports that blogs and cell phones helped provide some of the earliest coverage of the shooting tragedy at Virginia Tech this morning. A New York Times article calls the horrific incident the "deadliest shooting rampage in American history." 33 students were killed and at least 15 students were injured. Blog posts to, the website of the publisher of Virginia Tech's campus newspaper, began at 9:47.

A post on icantread01's livejournal account called "Madness on Campus" also helped capture the tramatic events. Icantread01 blogged about his friend Kate who helped block the shooter from re-entering a classroom by barricating the door. Kate was also shot in the hand. Several of the comments left on the icantread01 post are requests from the media for interviews. has a roundup of blog coverage that included the icantread01 post as well as this post from Jennie Tal whose friend was possibly shot in the leg.

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