Blogging News: Page 3

This is page 3 of the blogging news archives.

Rumor: Yahoo to Acquire Tumblr (May 17, 2013): There is a rumor that Yahoo may acquire Tumblr. Yahoo will reportedly make the decison this weekend as to whether or not to pay $1.1 billion for the popular blogging platform.

32 People Killed in Bangladesh in Violent Uproar Over Blogging Perceived as Blasphemous (May 7, 2013): There has been a violent uproar in Bangladesh over blogging Islamist protesters believe is blasphemous. The protesters wants the bloggers excuted.

Cheezburger Network Cuts 24 Jobs (April 30, 2013): The Cheezburger Network, best known for its LOL Cats, has cut 24 jobs. This is about 35% of its workforce.

Study Finds Facebook Likes Can Reveal Personality Traits (April 22, 2013): A study conducted by researchers from the University of Cambridge has found that your Facebook Likes can reveal personal information and personality traits, including race, age, sexuality, political views and more.

Blogigng FAQ: How Do I Find Blogs? (April 4, 2013): How does one go about finding blogs? It used to harder than it is. It is now very, very easy.

YouTube Announces One Billion Monthly User Mark (March 21, 2013): YouTube says it now gets more than a billion unique users every single month.

Google to Shutter Google Reader on July 1, 2013 (March 14, 2013): Google has announced a new round of spring cleaning, which includes Google Reader, an RSS reader launched by Google in 2005.

Posterous to Shut Down on April 30 (February 15, 2013): Posterous has announced that it is shutting down to focus on Twitter.

Andrew Sullivan Finds Success With Paid Blogging Model (January 8, 2013): Blogger Andrew Sullivan is leaving The Daily Beast and returning his blog to his website, andrewsullivan.

The Pope Sends First Tweet (December 15, 2012): The Pope now has a Twitter account, @Pontifex.

A Dog Can Blog in Disney's Dog With a Blog Show (September 22, 2012): A show starring a blogging dog is coming to the Disney Channel in October.

Apple to End Ping on September 30th (September 12, 2012): 9to5mac reports that Apple plans to shutter Ping, its music social network, on September 30th.

Facebook and Twitter Launch Dueling Election Tools (August 27, 2012): Facebook and Twitter now have dueling election tools that attempt to track what the users of the social media sites are feeling and saying about the 2012 candidates.

Twitter Launches Stock Symbol Cashtag Feature (July 31, 2012): CNBC reports that Twitter has launched a stock symbol feature.

NBC and Twitter Announce Partnership for London 2012 Olympic Games (July 26, 2012): NBC Olympics, a division of the NBC Sports Group, and Twitter, have announced a partnership for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Betaworks Plans to Turn Digg Back Into a Startup (July 18, 2012): Digg, once considered a top social media site, was sold last week to Betaworks for $500,000.

Twitter Updates Twitter Search, Adds Results From People You Follow (July 8, 2012): Twitter announced on July 6th an update to Twitter search.

PBS Off Book Explores Reddit (July 4, 2012): PBS Off Book explores Reddit, a link sharing community founded in 2005 that does a great job of interest news and content.

Microsoft to Acquire Yammer for $1.2 Billion (June 26, 2012): Microsoft has announced plans to acquire Yammer, a social networking service for corporations, for $1.

Over 6 Million LinkedIn Passwords Reportedly Leak Online (June 6, 2012): LinkedIn, a business social network, had 6.