Blogigng FAQ: How Do I Find Blogs?

Posted on April 4, 2013

This is a frequently asked question. There are millions of blogs so it is not just a matter of finding blogs, but finding good ones that provide information on the subject you are interested in. Here are several ways that you can find blogs:

  1. Check your favorite websites to see if they already have a blog.
  2. Search one of the major search engines for blog + the subject you are interested in.
  3. When you find a good blog on your topic of interest check the right or left side of the blog to see if they have a list of links to similar blogs (also known as a blogroll).
  4. Check blog directories like and
  5. Some of the news search engines are starting to incorporate blogs into their database. If you search these news search engines (Google News and Bing News).
  6. Check the tech columns of your favorite magazines and newspapers -- they are likely to mention blogs now and then.
  7. Search using RSS tools like for feeds related to your topic. Not all RSS Feeds are from blogs, but many are.
  8. Social bookmarking websites like delicious will usually have lots of blog links.
  9. Use the old, but tried and true, information network -- ask your friends if they have read any good blogs lately.

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