Blogathon Award Winners Announced

Posted on November 20, 2005

The winners of the Blogathon Awards were announced last month. During Blogathon bloggers blogged every thirty minutes for twenty-four hours straight to raise money for a charity of their choice. Bloggers participating in a blogathon had to find people to sponsor them who agree to donate money if they completed the blogging all-nighter. Blogathon provided monitors to make sure people continued blogging every thirty minutes for twenty-four hours. If you are curious as to how the bloggers managed to stay awake the Blogathon Awards explain in their faq:

How can I stay awake?
Ah, the age-old question: how to stay awake 24 hours while posting clever entries in your blog every thirty minutes? Some tried-and-true ways include:

  • Quick, cold showers.
  • Chatting online with other Blogathon participants.
  • Dancing! Dancing, singing and general moving help keep you awake in the late hours of the event.
  • Watch movies, television, play computer games or board games or anything that will engage your attention. Plus, you'll have something to write about.
  • Have a themed blog! If you're busy writing about the history of the yam or making a collage for your sponsors, you'll have a goal to sustain you through the event.
  • Here is a list of this year's Blogathon winners:

  • Best Blog: Fembat.Org : Blog Template Challenge
  • Best Writing Project: (2-way tie) Charity Blogathon and Chemmonkey
  • Most Enthusiastic: Stale Betty
  • Best Webcam: The Metafictional Blues: Blogathon '05 The Need to Read
  • Best Visual Arts Project: Portraits for a Purpose
  • Best Themed Blog: Three Moms and a Single Lady
  • Best Undefineable Project: DisconnectedBlog
  • Most Tired (but still made it!): Five Point Restraints
  • Best Audio Project: SwampLog
  • Monitor's Choice bSpies: azzafooky
  • Monitor's Choice The Yellow Darts: The Alaska Blog
  • Monitor's Choice They Might Be Monitors: Lone Prairie Blog

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