Billy Crystal to Publish Memoir With Henry Holt

Posted on August 13, 2012

Billy Crystal will publish a memoir with Henry Holt next year. The announcement was made by Stephen Rubin, president and publisher of Henry Holt and Company. The publication of the memoir will coincide with Crystal's 65th birthday in March, 2013.

Crystal says the meaning of the milestone birthday means writing down his thoughts "before his children take away his computer." Henry Holt says Crystal will give readers a comedic look at what to expect as they get older, and a roadmap to help navigate topics like "rampant nightly insomnia, endless annoying doctor's appointments, the alarming frequency of your birthday, looking at yourself naked, and the eternal hunt for the car keys." Crystal will also reflect on the highlights of his long career, including meeting many of the heroes and heroines of his youth, and on the milestones of his life as a son, father and grandfather.

Billy Crystal says, "While I still can remember my life, I thought I should get it down on paper. Turning sixty-five is something to celebrate and have fun with but also to write about all the great and tough times that got me here."

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