Associated Press and Technorati Partner

Posted on May 24, 2006

Technorati reports that they have partnered with the Associated Press (AP) to provide blog roundup features on 440 AP member websites. It is similar to the Technorati features that show blogs discussing stories on Newsweek and The Washington Post.

When readers visit an AP member Web site that uses AP Hosted Custom News, they will see a module featuring the "Top Five Most Blogged About" AP articles right next to the article text, dynamically powered by Technorati. Additionally, when readers click on an AP article, Technorati will deliver "Who's Blogging About" that article. Now, if you have commentary about an AP story, you can get mentioned in that module simply by linking to that AP news URL, akin to what you can do with Washington Post articles, Newsweek articles, Der Spiegel articles, and a host of other media partners that currently work with Technorati.

It's a smart move by the AP and it's great news for bloggers because it means more traffic will be coming to blogs that discuss AP news stories. Most bloggers discuss AP stories frequently -- some as often as once a day. Many bloggers are discussing the move and see it as a very positive development. Trends in the Living Networks likes the idea.

Anyone who wants to comment on a media story can have their thoughts available to readers globally, not just on a single site, but through an entire world of syndicated media. This move is particularly important as it is not just on a single newspaper, but covering the links that hit a story at any point in the news syndication process. Technorati's initiatives - and their uptake by mainstream media - are making the system into a tightly enmeshed collaborative space for identifying and disseminating news through society.

Nomadic Audio refers to the deal as Apnorati. Duncan Riley says the deal is a win-win for bloggers.

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