Another Print Blogging Magazine: Artful Blogging

Posted on March 29, 2008

There is a second print publication about blogging called Artful Blogging. We blogged about the launch of Blogger & Podcaster magazine nearly a year ago but we missed the debut of this quarterly publication that also launched in 2007. Artful Blogging is focused more on creative blogging and the artwork and photography found on these arts and crafts blogs.

Take a virtual tour of some of the most visually inspiring blogs on the internet with the second issue of Artful Blogging! Each page of this captivating publication is like a digital gallery, filled with photography, artwork and blog excerpts sure to stir your imagination. Within this 144-page quarterly publication, you'll find features that include "Blogging Etiquette," "Blogger's Must-Haves" and "How to Get Started" on your own blog spot
Artful Blogging is a quarterly magazine published by Stampington & Company. Artful Blogging is now on its second issue. Several blogggers were more on top of things and caught the launch of this new print publication. Other blogs discussing Artful Blogging include Artsy Mama and Blogher.

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