You've Never Seen Anything Like Newspond Before?

Posted on February 20, 2008

A new Digg-like news website called Newspond has debuted. What's interesting about Newspond is not the site's layout or features or that it is yet another social news website. Instead what is interesting about Newspond is the audacious claims Newspond makes. TechCrunch found on Newspond's about page the claim that Newspond says they are the "most advanced news site on the planet."

But they just make ridiculous statements on the website that I can't ignore. The home page says Newspond is "The most advanced news site on the planet." The about page has a huge yellow ball thingy and the same words in 40 point type. It also calls itself "the ultimate hub for the latest news."

What's the technology behind this stunning new startup? Well, within "the heart of Newspond lies a tireless electronic brain" with "highly-advanced machine intelligence" that analyzes news "at a faster rate of speed than any human being could ever dream of."

Really a tireless electronic brain going faster than any human being could ever dream of? With that brazen slogan Newspond seems to be taking a page from this awesome over-the-top 1984 Chevrolet Corvette car commercial. The commercial starts with "It began as genius and grew to be legend and has become at long last the most advanced production car on the planet."

The general opinion from the blogosphere seems to be that Newspond is not the most advanced news site on the planet.

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