Yahoo Takes on Gadget and Tech Blogs

Posted on May 1, 2006

Yahoo has launched a new service called Yahoo Tech that features how-to advice and several technology blogs. A New York Times article says Yahoo wants tech advertisers.

In one of its first major efforts to build a Web site with original material, Yahoo will introduce today a site devoted to consumer technology.

The site, called Yahoo Tech (, will feature blogs on technology and a weekly video program. It will also republish articles and product reviews from several magazines and accept comments contributed by users.

Yahoo's goal for the site is to create more space for technology-related advertisers, said Scott Moore, Yahoo's vice president of content operations.

"We take in many millions from technology and telecom advertising," he said. "We had a lot of requests from advertisers to advertise on content related to their categories."

The blogs on Yahoo Tech can be found on the Advisers tab. They include blogs by Gina Hughes, Robin Raksin, Dory Devlin and Christopher Null. That's 75% female blogs at Yahoo Tech. This is good to see in a blogosphere where male tech blogs seem to be the most visible. One of the Adviser blogs is written by Gina Hughes, who also runs the Techie Diva blog. She announced her appearance on Yahoo Tech in a post this morning.

The number of technology media blogs and websites is enormous but Yahoo also has considerable brand power on its side. CNET, tech blogs and other tech gadget focused publications should be at least a little nervous by this potential new traffic drain. For Yahoo it is easy to promote their new blogs. They can just feature them on and quickly build a subscriber base. On the other hand, a link from one of Yahoo's new tech blogs could drive a little traffic your way.

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