Yahoo Launches Shine

Posted on March 31, 2008

Yahoo Inc. has launched a new resource for women called Shine. The site targets women aged 25-54. An Associated Press article noted the bloggish format of Shine.

Monday's launch of Shine, which will use a blog format, is aimed largely at giving the struggling Internet company additional opportunities to sell advertising targeted to the key decision-maker in many households. Yahoo said advertisers in consumer-packaged goods, retail and pharmaceuticals have requested more ways to reach those consumers.

Amy Iorio, vice president for Yahoo Lifestyles, said internal research also shows women are looking for a site to aggregate various content and communications tools.

"These women were sort of caretakers for everybody in their lives," she said. "They didn't feel like there was a place that was looking at the whole them - as a parent, as a spouse, as a daughter. They were looking for one place that gave them everything."

Some of the content for Shine is coming from Hearst and Rodale magazines according to the AP article.
Yahoo is partnering with media companies like Hearst Communications Inc. and Rodale Inc. for content exclusive to Shine. Hearst publishes Redbook, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping and other magazines aimed at women, while Rodale publishes a range of magazines on sports and recreation, including Women's Health.
The article also says that Shine "likely will replace the existing Food site over time." So instead of launching Yahoo Beauty or Yahoo Women they decide to brand an entire new name (Shine) and dump Yahoo Food? Yahoo is trying hard to be a content company but their strategy is confusing and seems to develop in fits and starts. Yahoo's best move of late has been Yahoo Buzz. They should focus more on these types of project.

Shine does have some original content such as this post that asks "Would you blog about grilled cheese all day?" The post reveals that one blogger already does at the Grilled Cheese Blog (which is sadly now offline).

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