Study Finds Video Usage Exploding

Posted on September 29, 2008

The AFP reports that a new study from ABI Research has found that users watching videos streamed through a web browser has climbed to 63%. That's up from 32% just a year ago.
The study found that the number of American consumers watching video streamed through a browser had soared over the past year, from 32 percent a year ago to 63 percent today.

ABI Research said growth in consumption of online video was due to a number of factors, including an increase in the amount of rich content available and more broadband connections.

"Consumers are changing their online habits quickly," ABI's Digital Home research director Michael Wolf said in a statement.

"Broadband speeds have continued to increase at the same time that Hollywood has decided online distribution is a legitimate monetization opportunity that will increase total return on their video assets, and expand audiences."
Usage is stronger with the younger demographic but web video consumption is increasing with all age groups according to the ABI Research study. The recent launches of services like Hulu and most recently's Video on Demand are no doubt contributing to the web video explosion. The Writer's Strike also spotlighted the power of web video. Another example was director Joss Whedon who recently attracted a flock of people to his online offering. More and more bloggers are also adding short videos to their posts.