Students To Report Worldwide for New CNN Student Bureau

Posted on September 18, 1998

CNN and Turner Learning, the educational division of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., will provide an opportunity for young journalists around the world through a new initiative called the CNN Student Bureau (CNN SB). The announcement of the CNN Student Bureau was made as part of U.S. Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley's annual America Goes Back to School initiative.

CNN SB will offer students across the world the chance to publish their written and video work internationally on CNN Newsroom, the commercial-free, news and features program for schools which airs on CNN. The reports also will run on the Turner Learning Website, on cable affiliates' access channels and, potentially, on the networks of the CNN News Group.

Participation in CNN SB will be open to high schools and universities worldwide. News reports submitted to CNN SB from students may be regional, national or global in scope. Students will receive assignments from a Turner Learning assignment editor and their stories will be reviewed by a Turner Learning producer who edits, fact checks and works within the CNN system to determine a story's use and purpose. Selected Website stories will be posted on the Turner Learning website for students' and educators' use. Selected video stories also will be pitched to CNN producers for their review and possible use.

In cooperation with cable partners around the world, the CNN SB will operate in high schools either as an in-school program integrated into the journalism, english or history departments; as an inter-disciplinary program; or as a club. At the university level, CNN SB will work with mass communications and journalism departments. Schools and institutions may apply through their local cable operators for enrollment as a student bureau.