Personal Branding Magazine Launched By Peter Montoya

Posted on July 19, 2002

Peter Montoya's Personal Branding Peter Montoya Inc., a provider of personal marketing services, has announced the launch of its magazine dedicated to personal branding. The new magazine, Peter Montoya's Personal Branding, features profiles of some of today's hottest personal brands, personal branding basics, as well as practical brand strategies for entrepreneurs and career advancement tactics for corporate professionals.

"In a marketing-saturated age, an honest Personal Brand may be the last route to credibility," said publisher Peter Montoya. "Personal Branding was created to be the premier information source for 'Personal Branding scholars' -- a practical publication to help develop branding and marketing skills that lead to success.

"Imagine influencing how leaders in your profession or your company see you -- as cutting-edge or conservative, a great listener or leader, and so on," Montoya added. "That's what Personal Branding accomplishes. With a strong Personal Brand, you control how you're perceived."

Best-selling author and leadership trainer Stedman Graham has joined the staff of Personal Branding as a Senior Editor and regular contributor. Graham has authored several best-selling books, including You Can Make It Happen and Build Your Own Life Brand! Graham's column, The Cult of Celebrity, will look at some of the methods famous individuals use to successfully build Personal Brands.

Regular features of Personal Branding Magazine include articles on Personal Branding and Marketing, direct response marketing, public relations, customer service skills, Web marketing and database development.