IGN.com Re-Launches Website

Posted on August 4, 1999

IGN.com, an Internet destination for games and entertainment, has announced the official re-launch of the site with an online contest that includes opportunities to win popular games, DVDs and other prizes. IGN.com is celebrating a new look that includes revised graphics, new sections and expanded coverage of entertainment, games, electronics, sci-fi and popular culture. The revised site also includes free e-mail service, instant messaging capability and customizable features, including daily local TV listings and topical newsletters.

"Our site combines useful information with a 'fun' attitude that appeals to our core audience of teens and young men," said Simon Whitcombe, network director of IGN.com. "It's provides a 'must have' daily read that adds a dose of irreverence to today's hot topics."

Among the new sections is "IGN for Men," an online magazine for young men that blends the latest in movies, television and electronic gear with personal advice on matters such as dating, entertaining and travel. "IGN for Men will broaden the reach of our site and increase our appeal to advertisers," said Whitcombe. "Along with the rest of the site, it delivers one of the most desirable and hardest to reach demographics."

IGN.com includes a network of eight in-house websites and more than 50 affiliate sites. These sites consist of PC and video game-specific destinations, including specialized sites reporting on Sony Playstation, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast and PC games, as well as sites for science fiction, DVDs, movies, animation, television programming and other areas of popular culture.