Video Mysteriously Takes YouTube's #1 All-Time Most Viewed Slot

Posted on March 5, 2008

Bloggers are discussing a home-made music video called "Cansei de Ser Sexy Music is My Hot Hot Sex" that has bumped Judson Laipply's popular Evolution of Dance video off the #1 spot on YouTube's all-time most viewed videos list. A post on analyzed the video's stats and found an unusually high views-to-ratings figure of 21,487 as well as a low number of comments. The video also has only has two honors. One would expect a video that suddenly takes YouTube's all-time most viewed crown to have more than two honors.

Most of the comments on the video indicate disbelief that this video could garner so many views so quickly. It is hard to believe this video legitimately made its way to the top of YouTube. Here are some of the comments.

ikill4u784 says, "OMG! it cant sneak up as most views in less than a week. i've never even seen this with 25m views b4!"

Chargrad says "What... The... Hell... even with hot hot sex in the title how can this have got so many views?!?"

mattjsrules says, "This only had 4 million views 2 weeks ago wtf? someone must of refreshed it 80 million times or someone hacked."

It will probably get many views now that it is #1 on YouTube. Cansei de Ser Sexy is also known as CSS. They are a Brazilian band. They received a fortuitous popularity boost when their "Music Is My Hot Hot Sex" song (the same song as in the suddenly popular video) was featured in an iPhone commercial.

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