Twitter Directory Called TwitDir Debuts

Posted on June 4, 2007

As we first reported on Twitter a new Twitter directory called TwitDir has debuted. The directory allows you to search for Twitter members. The results show the Twitterer's name, bio, avatar and webpage link. They also include the Twitterer's number of followers, friends, updates and favorites. A copy of the Twitterer's latest tweet is also included. TwitDir also maintains lists of the Twitterers with the most followers, updates and friends. There is also a list of the top favouriters -- the people who are keeping the highest number of favorites.

You can also find Twitterers covering specific subjects using Twitdir by searching subjects like sports, politics, books, news, health, science and celebrity. A Twitdir subject search will only give you Twitterers that have the subject keyword as part of their name. In the future the Twitter bios could also be indexed for searching. Or, tagging could be implemented to make it easier to find Twitterers by the subjects they tend to tweet about.

You can follow TwitDir developments on its blog and on the TwitDir twitter account, @twitdir. TwitDir is also running a game that is asking people to guess how many Twitter accounts have been established.

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