Naked Conversation: Blogging the Book

Posted on August 8, 2005

Shel Israel and Robert Scoble are blogging a book about blogs and corporate communications called the Naked Conversation. After announcing Wiley as their publisher in February they begin writing the chapters of the book in their blog, which can be found at

In the end, it came down to two great offers from two great publishers. Thomas Nelson is the world's 9th largest publisher and one of its most prosperous. Wiley is the world's leading business book publisher, with four of the top 25 books on last year's New York Times best-seller list. People we know and trust gave us sterling endorsements of both houses.
Isreal and Scoble discuss, debate and propose ideas for the book's chapter titles and contents as they proceed with writing the book. The blog includes an outline of the table of contents for the book (which continues to be revised). The blog also contains the original book proposal as well as information about the two authors. Originally the book was going to be called The Red Couch but the title was later changed to the Naked Conversation.

It is an interesting project worth looking at if you are thinking about the process of writing a nonfiction book or if you are interested in learning more about blogging and its impact on business communications.

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