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Here are the latest posts about New York Times on Writers Write:

  • New York Times Dumps Comics and Mass Market Paperback Bestseller Lists (2017-01-31): Publishers and authors were shocked to learn that the New York Times is dropping a number of its bestseller lists, including comics and mass market paperbacks.

  • New York Times to Lay Off Staff, Reduce Number of Freelancers (2014-10-01): The New York Times will eliminate 100 newsroom jobs. It will also cut editorial and business positions and reduce spending on freelancers.

  • NY Times and WSJ Suspend Paywall for Duration of Hurricane Sandy (2012-10-28): Poynter is reporting that The New York Times has confirmed that it is lifting its paywall this afternoon due to Hurricane Sandy.

  • San Francisco Chronicle May Be Next Paper to Charge for Online Content (2011-04-05): The Bay Citizen is reporting that Heart Corporation is considering implemtning a paywall for sfgate.

  • U.S. Media Running Afoul of British Libel Laws (2009-11-12): Libel laws are much stricter in Great Britain than they are in the U.

  • AdAge Says Media Work Force Has Sunk to 15-Year Low (2008-02-18): AdAge has a grim article that says the media work force has shrunk to a 15-year low.

  • New York Times Breaks Potter Book Review Embargo (2007-07-19): J.

  • New York Times Writers Unhappy About Reuse of Work Without Payment (2006-07-10): The New York Times is about to publish its Practical Guide to Practically Everything (St.

  • Judy Miller Leaves The New York Times (2005-11-11): Reporter Judith Miller has agreed to leave The New York Times, according to an article in the paper.

  • Journalists Blast New York Times' Coverage of Plamegate (2005-10-17): The L.

  • The New York Times Locks Some Content Behind Pay Wall (2005-09-19): In a letter from the Editor, The New York Times online has announced a new subscription service called TimesSelect which launches today.

  • Tierney Named to Take Safire's Spot (2005-03-01): The New York Times has finally filled the gaping hole in its editorial space because of the departure of William Safire.

  • Rush Limbaugh: New York Times or Bust (2004-11-30): The imminent departure of conservative New York Times columnist William Safire has the intelligentsia in a lather about who will land the plum assignment of countering everything that Maureen Dowd has to say.

  • William Safire Lays Down His Pen (2004-11-15): Well, perhaps that's a bit overdramatic.