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Neil Gaiman is a popular author of fantasy novels and children's literature. We have two great feature interviews with Neil Gaiman that you won't want to miss.

We also cover Gaiman's entertaining works in our blog posts.

  • Good Omens Made Into Entertaining Mini-Series (2019-08-01): The Good Omens novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett has been made into an entertaining mini-series for Amazon Prime.

  • New York Times Dumps Comics and Mass Market Paperback Bestseller Lists (2017-01-31): Publishers and authors were shocked to learn that the New York Times is dropping a number of its bestseller lists, including comics and mass market paperbacks.

  • Starz Releases First Trailer for Neil Gaiman's American Gods (2016-07-29): Ricky Whittle and Ian McShane star in the first trailer for Starz's adaptation of Neil Gaiman's novel American Gods.

  • Neil Gaiman's How to Talk to Girls at Parties to be Film, Graphic Novel (2015-12-14): Dark Horse Books will publish a graphic novel version of Neil Gaiman's short story How to Talk to Girls at Parties. It will also be a feature film.

  • Neil Gaiman, Alison Bechdel, Art Spiegelman Step in as Table Hosts for PEN Gala (2015-05-04): Neil Gaiman, Alison Bechdel, Art Spiegelman, George Packer, Azar Nafisi and Alain Mabanckouand will step in as table hosts at the PEN Gala which will honor Charlie Hebdo.

  • Neil Gaiman and Paulo Coelho Write Essays for Chipotle (2015-01-29): Neil Gaiman, Aziz Ansari, Amy Tan and Paulo Coelho wrote new essays which will be read on the side of Chipotle drink cups. Some are funny, some are serious. All are interesting.

  • Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer Speak Out for Indies First (2014-09-26): Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are the spokespeople for the second annual Indies First day. They are asking all authors to volunteer on November 29th.

  • Neil Gaiman and George R.R. Martin Take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (2014-08-25): Neil Gaiman stripped down to his shorts to take the ALS challenge by the beach, then challenged George R.R. Martin who took the challenge poolside.

  • Neil Gaiman's American Gods to be TV Series on Starz (2014-07-02): Neil Gaimain's award winning novel American Gods will be a television series on Starz. Bryan Fuller will write the pilot.

  • Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere Banned From New Mexico High School Reading List (2013-10-18): Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere has now been banned from Alamagordo High School's reading list after one mother decided it was too racy and disgusting for teens.

  • Neil Gaiman Discusses His New Video Game, Wayward Manor (2013-07-26): Bestselling author Neil Gaiman introduces his new video game called Wayward Manor.

  • Neil Gaiman's Sandman Returns in October With The Sandman: Overture (2013-07-04): Neil Gaiman's Sandman comic book series returns in late October with The Sandman: Overture.

  • Neil Gaiman Talks Inspiration for His New Children's Book, Chu's Day (2012-12-11): Nail Gaiman's latest children's story, Chu's Day, is about a little panda with a big sneeze.

  • Neil Gaiman Announces He Will Write New Sandman Series (2012-07-13): During the D.

  • Neil Gaiman Shares His Secrets for Freelancers (2012-06-03): Neil Gaiman gave the Commencement Address to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

  • Neil Gaiman Guest Stars on The Simpsons in The Book Job (2011-12-03): Neil Gaiman guest stars on The Simpsons in a hilarious episode about teen literature called The Book Job.

  • Neil Gaiman Threatens War if The Onion is Not Awarded a Pulitzer Prize (2011-06-23): Neil Gaiman has added his voice to the growing outcry of celebrities, politicians and various random people that are demanding that The Onion get a Pulitzer Prize this year.

  • Neil Gaiman Wins 2010 Carnegie Medal for The Graveyard Book (2010-06-24): Neil Gaiman won the 2010 CLIP Carnegie Medal for children's fiction in the UK for The Graveyard Book.

  • Neil Gaiman Reads from New Children's Book, Instructions (2010-05-29): Newbery Award-winner Neil Gaiman talks about his new children's book called Instructions (HarperCollins).

  • Neil Gaiman Visits The Colbert Report (2009-03-22): Stephen Colbert invited Neil to be on the program to defend his children's book The Graveyard Book, which begins with a knife in the dark.