Neil Gaiman and George R.R. Martin Take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Posted on August 25, 2014

Photo of Neil Gaiman taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Neil Gaiman took the ALS Ice Bucket challenge and it was amazing, of course. He was challenged by his wife Amanda Palmer who, somewhat surprisingly, remained fully clothed when she took the challenge.

Neil decided to take the challenge at the beach with several lovely female assistants dressed as Death. He said he needed some Deaths to help him because ALS is a fatal disease. Neil explained the challenge while walking and shedding clothing. He's wearing his UNHCR t-shirt to promote his United Nations work with refugees.

Neil said he was told their was a water shortage in California, so that's why he went to the beach (they bought ice at a gas station). So, to sum up: Neil stripped to his underwear, and with the help of multiple incarnations of Death, and got soaked for a good cause. He also wrote a check. Neil then challenged George R.R. Martin, whom he refers to as a "murderer of characters" and Scottish actress Karan Gillan who is best known as Amy Pond, the former companion of the Doctor on Doctor Who. Watch Neil get wet:

George R.R. Martin took his challenge poolside, intoning, "God help us all, but Winter is Coming." His assistants -- who sadly were not dressed as Game of Thrones characters -- then dumped the bucket of ice water over his head which led to a lot of yelling. "Winter came!!" he exclaimed, before getting in the pool for a swim. Take a look:

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