Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere Banned From New Mexico High School Reading List

Posted on October 18, 2013

Neil Gaiman's bestselling novel Neverwhere has been banned from the reading list at the local high school in Alamagordo, New Mexico. The book has been on the required reading list since 2004, but someone's mother got up in arms over the book saying that it has terrible language and is worse than R rated. Yes, that's right. Neverwhere. By Neil Gaiman.

Nancy Wilmot spoke to local tv station KQRE and said (as they showed a blurred out image of the offending copy lest viewers faint from the horror of seeing the subversive text that clearly would shock the conscience of any sane viewer) that the passage was just too disgusting to read on television. She did explain that she hadn't actually read the book (at 400 pages it's just too long) but it was the school district's job to save children from this kind of smut. The school district caved in to this dreadful -- not to mention infuriating -- case of censorship without a fight, we're sorry to report. Take a look:

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