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Here are the latest posts about Myspace on Writers Write:

  • Myspace Loses Years of Music and Photos During Botched Server Migration (2019-03-18): Myspace lost years of music, photos and video files during a server migration that went very badly.

  • Time Inc. Confirms Myspace Passwords Compromised in Security Breach (2016-05-31): Time Inc. has confirmed Myspace suffered a hacking incident and Myspace passwords were compromised.

  • Time Inc. Now Owns Myspace (2016-02-12): Myspace has fallen into the hands of Time Inc. It was part of the purchase of the assets of Viant.

  • MySpace Still Gets 50 Million Monthly Visitors (2015-01-16): MySpace still gets over 50 million visitors a month. The site also generated 300 million video views in November.

  • New Myspace Rolls Out of Beta, Launches Mobile Music App (2013-06-13): Myspace has relaunched its social network as a music discovery site online radio stations and a mobile music app.

  • Myspace Previews Improved Version (2012-09-24): A new Myspace is in the works.

  • Myspace Delays Announcing Relaunch Plans (2011-09-19): The Wall Street Journal reports that Specific Media LLC and Justin Timberlake have delayed their announcement about how they plan to revamp MySpace.

  • Specific Media, Justin Timberlake to Try and Bring Sexy Back to Myspace (2011-06-30): Specific Media has acquired Myspace from News Corporation.

  • MySpace Cuts Workforce in Half (2011-01-11): MySpace was unable to keep up with the torrid growth of rivals, Facebook.

  • Paris Hilton Spotted With MySpace CEO (2008-08-09): TechCrunch is sounding more like GossipCrunch this morning as they report news that Paris Hilton has been spotted hanging out with MySpace cofounder and CEO Chris DeWolfe.

  • Blogging May Have Psychological Benefits (2008-03-08): The Discovery Channel is reporting that a study published in CyberPsychology and Behavior found that there may be some psychological benefits to blogging and/or using online communities like MySpace.

  • MySpace Wants Third Party Widgets (2007-10-18): MySpace isn't going to let Facebook have all the fun.

  • Large Traffic Jumps for Social Networks Over Past Year (2007-08-08): The chart below from a ComScore press release shows the amazing growth some of the largest social networks have achieved over the past twelve months.

  • MySpace Envious Of Facebook's Widget Success (2007-06-30): The Financial Times is reporting that MySpace is making plans to open its network to allow outside companies to create widgets just like Facebook recently did.

  • Study: Facebook Users More Likely to Attend College (2007-06-25): A new study has found that Facebook users are more likely to go to college than MySpace users.

  • MySpace Acquires Flektor, a Widget Creation Tool (2007-05-16): TechCrunch is reporting that MySpace is buying Flektor, a service that lets people quickly create widgets using text, music, photos and video.

  • MySpace Acquires Photobucket for Rumored $250 Million (2007-05-08): Valleyway broke the news that MySpace would be acquiring Photobucket.

  • MySpace Blocks Photobucket Videos and Remixes (2007-04-11): Photobucket, a popular image hosting service, has posted a message on its blog that says MySpace is preventing Photobucket users from posting videos and remixes hosted on Photobucket on their MySpace pages.

  • Using Web 2.0 To Spy on Those We Dislike (2007-04-03): Jen Gerson writes in the Toronto Star that she uses Facebook to spy on someone she disliked it High School.

  • Indie Labels Using Blogs to Boost Music Sales (2007-04-01): The Christian Science Monitor has an article about how Indie labels are using bloggers to get independent artists noticed.