Jewel Releases Her First Memoir, Never Broken

Posted on October 1, 2015

Jewel Never Broken

Singer-songwriter Jewel has released a new memoir called Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half the Story. The book also has a companion album called Picking Up the Pieces. Jewel has been on a media tour since the book was released on September 15. Jewel is wearing an orange summer dress and sitting barefoot on a horse on the cover.

The memoir was published with Blue Rider Press, a Penguin books imprint. Jewel discusses her fears and insecurities in the book. She explains her personal struggles in the book including problems like debt and divorce. She reflects on how writing songs, poetry and prose have helped save her life many times over. Some of the other topics covered include her road to success, the natural wonders of Alaska and motherhood.

Neil Young says of Jewel's memoir, "From the very beginning of her recording career, Jewel's lyrics reflected the America she lived in with her conversational poetic touch. My friend Ben Keith brought her to my ranch to record, collecting our favorite musicians together for her early songs. The result, the enduring Pieces of You, was a great record. Jewel's lyrics resonated with the times. In this, her first memoir, she has a lot to reflect on, and the touch to tell her story well."

Jewel told the AP that she had always planned on doing the memoir and folk record together. She says, "As an artist I feel like they are two limbs of the same body." Jewel says she feels she has been pretty transparent about herself during her career but she says there are still be surprises in the book. Take a look:

Photo: Blue Rider Press

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