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Here are the latest posts about Google on Writers Write:

  • Google Play Launches Bubble Zoom Technology for Digital Comics (2016-08-06): Google Play has launched a technology called Bubble Zoom for digital comics to zoom in on speech bubbles.

  • Google's AI Writes Poetry After Reading Thousands of Romance Novels (2016-05-19): Google's AI has written several poems after reading thousands of romance novels.

  • Google Reorganizes Under New Holding Company Called Alphabet (2015-08-10): Google has reorganized itself under a new holding company called Alphabet. Google will now be a company within Alphabet, inc.

  • Google to Ban Most Nude Imagery on Blogger (2015-02-24): Google has announced a change to its adult content policy for Blogger. Sexually explicit and graphic nudity is now banned on public Blogger blogs.

  • Google+ Now Lets Users Pin Posts (2014-12-04): Google+ has added the pinned posts capability to Google+ pages.

  • Google to Shut Down Orkut on September 30, 2014 (2014-07-01): Google has announced that it will close its Orkut social network. The site will close on September 30, 2014.

  • Google is Top Global Brand According to Millward Brown Report (2014-05-27): Google is ranked number one on the 2014 BrandZ Top 100 report from Millward Brown. Google was followed by Apple, IBM, Microsoft, McDonald's and Coca Cola.

  • Google Joins Facebook Owned Instagram (2014-05-19): Google has joined Instagram. The first entry shows the Rubki's cube game they posted today.

  • Google Reader Says Goodbye (2013-07-02): Google Reader officially ended its Google Reader service today. The service launched on October 7, 2005.

  • Google to End AdSense for Feeds on December 3rd (2012-10-01): Google has announced an end to its AdSense for Feeds service.

  • Google Acquires Frommer's Brand From Wiley (2012-08-15): Google has acquired the Frommer's brand from Wiley.

  • Charles Dickens' 200th Anniversary Celebrated in London (2012-02-07): Charles Dickens was born 200 years ago on February 7, 1812 in Landport, England.

  • Google Adds Google+ Pages (2011-11-08): Google has launched pages for its Google+ social network.

  • Dead Sea Scrolls Are Being Digitized and Made Available Online (2011-09-29): They were written two thousand years ago and discovered decades ago.

  • Google Honors Author Jorge Luis Borges With Google Doodle (2011-08-24): Google honored author Jorge Luis Borges with a Google Doodle today.

  • Google Launches Google +1 Button Embed Code (2011-06-02): Google has made code available for its new +1 Button, so bloggers and webmasters can add the button to webpages and blog permalinks.

  • Google Doodle Celebrates Roger Hargreaves' Mr. Men Books (2011-05-09): Google has published a series of 16 Google Doodles that celebrate the Mr.Men books by Roger Hargreaves.

  • Google Launches Think Quarterly Online Magazine (2011-03-31): Google has launched a quarterly online magazine called Think Quarterly.

  • Google to Enter Ebooks Market (2010-12-01): Google is set to enter the ebooks market.

  • Google Reveals Google AdSense Revenue Shares (2010-05-31): Google decided recently to reveal the percentage it pays publishers with its AdSense program.