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Here are the latest posts about Google on Writers Write:

  • Google's AI Writes Poetry After Reading Thousands of Romance Novels (2016-05-19): Google's AI has written several poems after reading thousands of romance novels.

  • Charles Dickens' 200th Anniversary Celebrated in London (2012-02-07): Charles Dickens was born 200 years ago on February 7, 1812 in Landport, England.

  • Dead Sea Scrolls Are Being Digitized and Made Available Online (2011-09-29): They were written two thousand years ago and discovered decades ago.

  • Google Honors Author Jorge Luis Borges With Google Doodle (2011-08-24): Google honored author Jorge Luis Borges with a Google Doodle today.

  • Google Doodle Celebrates Roger Hargreaves' Mr. Men Books (2011-05-09): Google has published a series of 16 Google Doodles that celebrate the Mr.Men books by Roger Hargreaves.

  • Google to Enter Ebooks Market (2010-12-01): Google is set to enter the ebooks market.

  • Google Named Word of Decade. Tweet Named Word of the Year (2010-01-11): The Washington Post reports that the word "tweet" has been named the word of the year and "Google" has been named the word of the decade by the American Dialect Society.

  • Authors' Groups Write Congress About Google Book Settlement (2010-01-07): Three writers groups have sent a letter to 60 members of Congress listing their reasons for opposing the Google Book Settlement.

  • Judge Preliminarily Approves Revised Google Book Settlement (2009-11-19): A federal judge today preliminarily approved a revised Google Book Settlement which removes most European authors from the deal.

  • Google Book Settlement Hearing Postponed (2009-09-22): As expected, the October 7 hearing in the Google Book Settlement case is going to be postponed so that Google can revise the settlement agreement to the Justice Department's satisfaction.

  • Google Book Settlement Being Revised After Justice Department Says it Violates Federal Law (2009-09-21): On Friday the Justice Department weighed in on the Google Book Settlement saying that if it wasn't revised, the Justice Department would stop the deal because it violates a number of federal antitrust laws.

  • U.S. Register of Copyrights Objects to Google Book Settlement (2009-09-16): The Google Book Settlement Fairness Hearing in October is going to be a wild one.

  • William Morris Tells Authors to Opt Out of Google Book Settlement (2009-08-10): The New York Times reports that William Morris is advising its author clients to opt out of the Google Book Settlement.

  • Viacom Sues YouTube For $1 Billion (2007-03-15): Viacom is suing Youtube.

  • The Ongoing Google Book Scanning Wars (2006-08-14): The Washington Post has a lengthy article about Google's agreement with Stanford University to digitize the libarary's collection for its controversial digital library project.

  • BEA Confronts Changes In Book Publishing (2006-05-22): The main topic of discussion at Book Expo America is all of the changes going on in the book publishing industry.

  • Google Vows to Fight Government Subpoena (2006-01-27): Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google Inc.

  • European Publishers Council Head Says Internet Content Won't Remain Free For Long (2005-12-07): European publishers have just about had it with Google, Inc.

  • Author's Guild Sues Google For Copyright Infringement (2005-09-21): The Authors Guild filed suit against Google, Inc.

  • Google Wants Your Book (2004-10-07): Amazon.