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Here are the latest posts about Google on Writers Write:

  • Google Play Launches Bubble Zoom Technology for Digital Comics (2016-08-06): Google Play has launched a technology called Bubble Zoom for digital comics to zoom in on speech bubbles.

  • Google's AI Writes Poetry After Reading Thousands of Romance Novels (2016-05-19): Google's AI has written several poems after reading thousands of romance novels.

  • Google Reorganizes Under New Holding Company Called Alphabet (2015-08-10): Google has reorganized itself under a new holding company called Alphabet. Google will now be a company within Alphabet, inc.

  • Google to Ban Most Nude Imagery on Blogger (2015-02-24): Google has announced a change to its adult content policy for Blogger. Sexually explicit and graphic nudity is now banned on public Blogger blogs.

  • Google+ Now Lets Users Pin Posts (2014-12-04): Google+ has added the pinned posts capability to Google+ pages.

  • Google to Shut Down Orkut on September 30, 2014 (2014-07-01): Google has announced that it will close its Orkut social network. The site will close on September 30, 2014.

  • Google is Top Global Brand According to Millward Brown Report (2014-05-27): Google is ranked number one on the 2014 BrandZ Top 100 report from Millward Brown. Google was followed by Apple, IBM, Microsoft, McDonald's and Coca Cola.

  • Google Joins Facebook Owned Instagram (2014-05-19): Google has joined Instagram. The first entry shows the Rubki's cube game they posted today.

  • Google Reader Says Goodbye (2013-07-02): Google Reader officially ended its Google Reader service today. The service launched on October 7, 2005.

  • Google to End AdSense for Feeds on December 3rd (2012-10-01): Google has announced an end to its AdSense for Feeds service.

  • Google Acquires Frommer's Brand From Wiley (2012-08-15): Google has acquired the Frommer's brand from Wiley.

  • Charles Dickens' 200th Anniversary Celebrated in London (2012-02-07): Charles Dickens was born 200 years ago on February 7, 1812 in Landport, England.

  • Google Adds Google+ Pages (2011-11-08): Google has launched pages for its Google+ social network.

  • Dead Sea Scrolls Are Being Digitized and Made Available Online (2011-09-29): They were written two thousand years ago and discovered decades ago.

  • Google Honors Author Jorge Luis Borges With Google Doodle (2011-08-24): Google honored author Jorge Luis Borges with a Google Doodle today.

  • Google Doodle Celebrates Roger Hargreaves' Mr. Men Books (2011-05-09): Google has published a series of 16 Google Doodles that celebrate the Mr.Men books by Roger Hargreaves.

  • Google Launches Think Quarterly Online Magazine (2011-03-31): Google has launched a quarterly online magazine called Think Quarterly.

  • Google to Enter Ebooks Market (2010-12-01): Google is set to enter the ebooks market.

  • Google Reveals Google AdSense Revenue Shares (2010-05-31): Google decided recently to reveal the percentage it pays publishers with its AdSense program.

  • Google Named Word of Decade. Tweet Named Word of the Year (2010-01-11): The Washington Post reports that the word "tweet" has been named the word of the year and "Google" has been named the word of the decade by the American Dialect Society.