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Dan Brown is the author of the mystery novels starring Robert Langdon that include Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol and others. Actor Tom Hanks has been playing the character in films based on the novels. Here is the latest Dan Brown news on Writers Write:

  • Forbes Releases 2016 List of Highest Earning Authors (2016-08-03): James Patterson tops the list of the highest earning authors for 2016 with pre-tax earnings of $95 million.

  • Dan Brown Pays to Digitize Rare Mystical Texts at Ritman Library (2016-06-23): Dan Brown has donated $340,000 to help the Ritman Library in Amsterdam digitize its core texts on mysticism, Hermetica and Kabbala. The texts will be available online.

  • New Version of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code Being Released for Young Adults (2016-05-18): Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code is getting a new look and some editing for a young adult audience. The book will be released in September, before Inferno hits theaters.

  • Dan Brown Discusses Inferno and the Effects of Fame (2014-05-13): Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown discusses his novel Inferno, which is out in paperback. He also reveals his big scene in the Da Vinci Code movie ending up on the cutting room floor.

  • Dan Brown Talks Inferno With Stephen Colbert (2013-05-21): Dan Brown discusses his book Inferno on The Colbert Report. Stephen makes anagrams out of Dan's name.

  • Translators Working on Dan Brown's Inferno Kept Locked in Publisher's High-Security Basement for Days (2013-05-10): Translators working on translating Dan Brown's Inferno into multiple languages were kept locked in the basement of for several days. They were watched by armed guards.

  • Dan Brown's Next Book is Based on Dante's Inferno, Will Be Released in May, 2013 (2013-01-15): Doubleday announced that Dan Brown's next novel, Inferno, is scheduled for a May 2013 release. It is set in Italy.

  • Dan Brown Sets Ebook Sales Record for Random House (2009-11-18): Dan Brown has sold hundreds of thousands of ebooks in a single week.

  • Ebook of The Lost Symbol to be Released Simultaneously With Hardcover (2009-08-14): The New York Times reports that the ebook version of Dan Brown's upcoming novel, The Lost Symbol will be released at the same time the hardback is released.

  • Cover Art for The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown Released (2009-07-07): Here is the cover art for the new novel, The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. There is a blood red wax seal, the D.C. skyline and more.

  • Jodi Picoult Blasts Dan Brown's Writing Skills (2009-05-11): Author Jodi Picoult is very critical of Dan Brown's writing skills and says The Da Vinci Code is poorly written.

  • How Ron Howard Got Around the Vatican's Ban (2009-04-27): Just the mention of Dan Brown's name was enough for the Vatican to ban Ron Howard from filming at any of Rome's churches for the film version of Angels and Demons.

  • Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol Gets Release Date (2009-04-20): Doubleday announced today that the sequel to The Da Vinci Code will be released on September 15, 2009.

  • Ron Howard Says Dan Brown Finished Writing The Solomon Key (2009-02-13): Director Ron Howard says Dan Brown has finished his latest Robert Langdon novel, The Solomon Key.

  • Vatican Still Angry at Dan Brown (2008-06-16): The Vatican is still quite peeved with Dan Brown.

  • Blogging The Da Vinci Code Part 2 (2006-08-14): The Da Vinci Code can still be found in many theatres since opening nearly three months ago.

  • Seth Mnookin: the New Captain Ahab? (2006-06-07): He's won every court case brought against him.

  • In Ceccano, Italy, The Da Vinci Code is Burning (2006-05-24): A copy of The Da Vinci Code was burned in Ceccano, Italy by two council members. Other townspeople through rotten tomatoes at the council members.

  • First American Review For Da Vinci Code: Yes, It's Good (2006-05-17): One of the first reviews for The Da Vinci Code is in from Roger Friedman for Fox News.

  • Akiva Goldsman And The Da Vinci Code (2006-05-16): There is lots of focus on Oscar-winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman's screenplay for The Da Vinci Code.