Blogging The Da Vinci Code Part 2

Posted on August 14, 2006

The Da Vinci Code can still be found in many theatres since opening nearly three months ago. The movie has made nearly $750 million worldwide and it is now 21st on the list of all-time worldwide box office leaders. The issues raised in the book and film continue to stir up conversation online and in the blogosphere. Like many religious issues the topic often leads to flame wars in web forums. In fact, the book has been banned in Pakistan and Iran.

The graph on the top right from Technorati shows Da Vinci Code posts on Technorati over the last 180 days. You can see a big spike during the release of The Da Vinci Code movie. However, blogging has continued as bloggers continue to discuss the religious and cultural ideas introduced in the book and movie.Here are some highlights from blogs that are discussing the Da Vinci Code.

  • A post on the Conservative Voice thanks author Dan Brown. It says, "Again I say, Thank you Dan Brown for getting the ball rolling on this critical discussion of eternal import: like Is Jesus Christ the Son of God,and hence the Savior of the World? Christian, think twice about your reaction to Mr. Brown, and seize this historical oportunity to dialogue and share your faith. Thanks to Brown, the masses along with Pontious Pilot(John 18:38) are asking: 'What is truth?' Are you ready with an answer? You can either 'berate' Dan Brown, or 'befriend' those around you in search of the truth... I choose the latter!"

  • The Goddess movement. The Wild Hunt blog has a post about a goddess movement that is taking place in the post-Da Vinci Code world.

  • Reverend Father Troy W. Pierce discusses his upcoming seminar, Illuminating the Da Vinci Code, in a blog post. He wants an end to the false debate about the ideas in the book. "The Da Vinci Code is something we are all probably tired of hearing about-but in a particular way. In the way that has become the standard way of approaching everything. In the way that ends conversation, turning it into a false debate where only one side is heard. We should all be tired of that. We shouldn't stand for it anymore."

  • A Curmudgeonly Crab is reading The Da Vinci Code despite promising not to: "What I'm Reading Now.. Or will be soon: the execrable Da Vinci Code. I swore I'd never read it; life is too short and good books too plentiful. But someone gave it to me, so I'm not wasting my money (only my beautiful mind), and I'm a little curious."

  • The Da Vinci Code passed The Passion of the Christ's box office take several weeks. Da Vinci Code has now made about $750 million worldwide -- crushing the Passion at the box office. Any film that popular is going to ignite the blogosphere, especially if there are historical and religious issues involved. Sony is ready to film Dan Brown's Angels and Demon, another thriller starring professor Robert Langdon. The film has also been greenlighted by Columbia Pictures. Tom Hanks, who played Professor Langdon in the film, has hired extra security guards.

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