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Unless you are very lucky you will have to expend some energy - possibly a great deal of energy - marketing your book. Below are some posts about book marketing from our blog. You can also find ideas in our section about book promotion.

  • Author Opens Bookstore That Only Sells His Book (2011-04-29): Author Andrew Kessler found a clever way to market his book.

  • Author Jonathan Franzen Dislikes Author Videos (2010-08-16): Author Jonathan Franzen is back on the literary radar with his new novel, called Freedom.

  • Some Hotels Starting to Offer Author Readings (2010-06-04): Authors looking for unique places to promote their books might want to consider hotels.

  • Author Kathryn Stockett Adds Interactive Reader Map to Author Website (2010-05-06): Novelist Kathryn Stockett is using a Google-powered reader map on her website to indicate where people are reading her novel, The Help, in North America.

  • Some Book Tours and Launch Parties Canceled Due to Volcanic Ash (2010-04-19): The London Book Fair will continue despite the fact many people cannot get to the book fair because of the air travel disruptions caused by the volcanic ash from the Icelandic volcano Mt.

  • Author's Sales Soar After Book Spotted in Tiger Woods Wrecked SUV (2009-12-14): Physicist Dr John Gribbin was quite surprised when a friend emailed him photos of the SUV that Tiger Woods crashed in his driveway over Thanksgiving weekend.

  • How Stieg Larsson's Series Was Marketed Posthumously (2008-11-14): NPR has an interesting article about how the novel, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, came to be a bestseller.

  • Can Giving Away Your Book Generate Sales? (2008-05-21): The idea seems to jibe with common sense but a few authors have given away free electronic copies of their books and still generated big sales of the hardcover or paperback version.

  • Authors Can You Get 1,000 True Fans? (2008-03-13): Here is an interesting concept from Kevin Kelly that authors might want to take a look at.

  • Beauty and Author Marketing (2007-08-30): As book sales remain flat, a disturbing trend has arisen: prettier authors get better marketing budgets.

  • Literary Speed Dating (2007-06-01): Here's a new concept for you: literary speed dating.

  • Penguin Goes to Second Life (2006-10-25): Penguin has gone virtual for the launch of Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash.

  • Authors Auction Character Names on Ebay (2006-08-31): Authors are once again auctioning off character names on eBay to raise money for the First Amendment Project (FAP).

  • Meg Cabot's Author Book Tour Tips (2006-04-27): You may be lucky enough to be heading out on your very first book tour. Author Meg Cabot has some tips including don't be a weirdo.

  • Invite an Author to Your Book Group (2005-11-04): Teresa Mendez of the Christian Science Monitor suggests inviting an author to attend as a why to add some excitement to your book group.

  • The Traveler Girls for John Twelve Hawks (2005-07-22): No, you're not seeing quintuplets and you're not at a gaming convention.

  • The Art of the TV Author Appearance (2005-06-14): Author Lee Child did a most entertaining author interview on CBS' The Early Show this morning.

  • Russell Crowe and The Starter Wife (2005-05-31): Rush & Malloy dish about yet another star-studded book party for Gigi Levangie Grazer's novel The Starter Wife (Simon and Schuster).

  • What Would It Be Like to Be on the Daily Show? (2005-05-03): The Freakonomics author Steven D. Levitt describes what it is like as an author to be on The Daily Show

  • Joe Wilkert on How to Hit the Bestseller Lists (2005-02-23): Joe Wilkert, the Vice-President and Publisher for the Trade and Professional Divison of Wiley, has started a blog he is calling the Average Joe (did he watch that reality tv show, by chance?).