The Art of the TV Author Appearance

Posted on June 14, 2005

Lee Child photo Author Lee Child did a most entertaining author interview on CBS' The Early Show this morning. Not every author is cut out for television, unfortunately. Some stammer or stumble, or generally don't make readers want to rush out to buy their books. Lee Child, author of the bestselling Jack Reacher thriller series, does not suffer from this affliction. He made his new book, One Shot (Delacorte Press) sound absolutely fascinating. He's smooth, he's urbane, he has a British accent. He also seemed to make his interviewer quite flustered (she couldn't seem to stop babbling). But like his alter ego, the mysterious Jack Reacher, Child remained cool as a cucumber as he described how he, although British, manages to write such a convincing American character. We're reading One Shot right now, and it really is that good. Don't miss it.