Author's Sales Soar After Book Spotted in Tiger Woods Wrecked SUV

Posted on December 14, 2009

Physicist Dr John Gribbin was quite surprised when a friend emailed him photos of the SUV that Tiger Woods crashed in his driveway over Thanksgiving weekend. In the wreckage was Dr. Gribbin's out of print book, Get a Grip on Physics.

Dr. Gribbin says that he was thrilled that he was reading about physics, but that if he had paid attention the book he would have realized that he could not speed into an immovable object without dire consequences. Dr. Gribbin is quite funny. This was certainly a very unique way for an author to get a boost in book sales. Take a look:

Gribbin told the Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy blog that he was delighted by the boost in sales. He also says Tiger was his target audience. Gribbin says, "I write books about science for people who aren't scientists so he's exactly my target audience."

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