Time Warner Launches AOL Video

Posted on August 1, 2006

AOL has a launched the video service they alluded to earlier this year. The service will be called AOL Video. It is a combination of videos for sale and free videos that are uploaded by users of the site. This is similar to the Google Video model. People will be able to rent videos from the site by the end of the year.

Reuters reports that AOL Video "aims to be the one-stop shop for online videos and will let users search for videos across the Web, upload their own, or buy or watch for free thousands of TV shows from any one of 45 video-on-demand channels on nearly any device."

The sale of TV show episodes will the most significant part of this launch for AOL since it will be able to include a lot of Time Warner content. However, video uploading has also become very popular. Google Video even has websites like Gidol that run contests for videos that have been uploaded to the website. AOL's upload feature is called UnCut Video.

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