Sean Spicer Reads How to Catch the Easter Bunny at White House Easter Egg Roll

Posted on April 17, 2017

Each year famous authors and celebrities read from children's books at the White House Easter Egg Roll. Past events have featured J.K. Rowling, Jeff Kinney and Jim Carry. This year it was White House spokesperson Sean Spicer read at the Reading Nook.

Sean Spicer was the Easter Bunny at some Easter Egg Rolls during the George W. Bush administration. Spicer has become a celebrity himself thanks in part to the SNL skits where is played by actress Melissa McCarthy. In the latest skit McCarthy played Spicer in an Easter Bunny costume while giving a press conference.

Spicer decided to read How to Catch the Easter Bunny by Adam Wallace. The book features illustrastions by Andy Elkerton. A 5-year-old boy named Joshua came up to sit with Spicer. Spicer asked the boy if he had read the book. He said, "Don't tell me how it ends." Take a look:

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