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Here are the latest posts about Donald Trump on Writers Write:

  • Michael Wolff Makes Forbes 2018 List of World's Highest Paid Authors (2018-12-16): James Patterson, J.K. Rowling and Stephen King are the top earning authors in the world 2018 according to Forbes. Michael Wolff is also on this year's list.

  • Henry Holt Rushes Fire and Fury Into Bookstores After Trump Legal Threat (2018-01-04): Henry Holt is expediting publication of Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff after Trump's cease and desist legal threat.

  • Kim Jong Un's Dotard Insult Sends Americans Scrambling for Dictionaries (2017-09-21): Kim Jong Un called President Trump a dotard in a new threat forcing millions to look up the word. The word dotard is now trending on Twitter.

  • Trump's Supreme Court Pick Neil Gorsuch Faces Plagiarism Accusations (2017-04-05): Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch is facing charges that he plagiarized his book.

  • Salman Rushdie is Writing Novel With Trump-Like Villain (2017-02-10): Salman Rushdie's next novel, The Golden House, takes aim at the Trump Administration, the Tea Party and the backlash against political correctness.

  • A French Translator Describes the Difficulty of Translating President Trump (2017-01-29): French translator Berengere Viennot explains why translating President Donald Trump's speeches into French is so difficult.

  • Donald Trump Boots Biographer Off Golf Course (2017-01-01): President Elect Donald Trump kicked one of his biographers off his golf course in Jupiter, Floria Friday. The biography was quite unflattering to the PEOTUS.

  • Trump Typo Causes 'Unpresidented' to Trend on Twitter (2016-12-17): Trump's unpresidented typo trends on Twitter after Trump mistakenly entered it in a tweet about China taking one of our research drones.

  • Donald Trump in Twitter War with The Art of the Deal Ghostwriter (2016-09-10): Donald Trump is engaged in a Twitter war with his former ghostwriter, Tony Schwartz.

  • Donald Trump's Ghostwriter Says a President Trump Will Lead to the End of Civilization (2016-07-18): Donald Trump's ghostwriter gives a blistering critique of the presidential candidate. And he says it's his fault Trump is such as success.

  • Stephen King's Pet Peeves Include Paris Hilton and Donald Trump (2004-10-27): What really gets on bestselling author Stephen King's nerves? In a recent Entertainment Weekly column, the bestselling author mentioned some of his pet peeves in life: "For every pretty, talented Elisha Cuthbert there is a Paris Hilton (and her little dog, too).