Rush Limbaugh Says He's Not at War With Conservative Bloggers

Posted on October 18, 2006

Rush LimbaughRush Limbaugh says he is not at war with conservative bloggers.
Now, I got a couple of e-mails I was checking here during the break from people who say, "Oh, no, Rush! Don't get in a war with conservative bloggers. If the media rips you guys apart, it's all over." I am not at war with conservative bloggers. I quote countless posts from many blogs on this program. I use them as resources. I'm referring to one blog post, and I don't even know who it is. This all got started when I cringed when I saw the use of the term "premortem" on a blog site called Insta-Pundit. It hurt me; it irritated me as much as when Tom Davis, congressman from Virginia, goes on Face the Nation and starts speculating to Bob Schieffer or whatever it was, and starts counting up the number of seats his party is going to lose.
There isn't actually a dash in Instapundit. In this excerpt, Rush acts as if he doesn't know who Instapundit is.
No, it's not. But I'm talking about one blog, and it's not even Insta-Pundit. Whoever Insta-Pundit is, is letting somebody else reply to whatever it was I'm saying on the program, and it's a little one-page post that I responded to this morning in the first hour.
The rest of Rush's article consists of the name dropping of as many big conservative blogs as he or his staff can come up with.
I'm going to tell you the blog postings that I regularly read in my RSS reader. I've communicated with many of the people who run them. They're fabulous people, starting with National Review Online, then Hugh Hewitt and his Townhall blog, Captain Ed, Ed Morrissey at Captain's Quarters. The three lawyers at Power Line. These are resources that I have added to everything else that I use for show prep which makes show prep an ongoing, never ending thing. Red State is another site.(I hope I don't forget anybody.) Little Green Footballs. I don't want to leave any out. A.J. Strata, Strata-Sphere. I don't want to leave anybody out here. The American Spectator. You here me talking about these. I'm referring to two days' worth of posts on this one site.
Later, there is an update and Rush Limbaugh mentions some blogs he forgot to mention earlier, including Michelle Malkin and American Thinker. Although, he says they are not all on his RSS reader. Rush writes, "Not all of them are on my RSS reader. Some of them I have to go look for."

Whether talk radio host Rush Limbaugh is at war or in disagreement with conservative bloggers is interesting from a political standpoint. Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit has a response to Rush's article here. Joe User has a post called "Rush blasts Instapundit." SamaBlog accuses Limbaugh of "stealing from the blogosphere for some time, rarely if ever giving credit."

What is interesting from a blogging perspective is the fact that Rush Limbaugh thinks blogs are so significant that he wants his listeners to know he is reading some of the biggest ones and has them in is his RSS reader. Or, he at least wants his listeners to think he reads them all.

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