RSS Growth Continues But Still Not Mainstream

Posted on April 12, 2005

More media outlets, newspapers and websites are offering RSS Feeds each day. Yesterday,'s author Steven Rubel had a blog entry where he asked, "Has the RSS Wagon Stalled?" A more recent entry on his blog talks about the NBA releasing new RSS feeds and is full of blog entries about new RSS developments and feeds.

Our RSS topic also contains news about more companies adding RSS aggregators, feeds and tools. So, a stall does not seem like a good way to explain the ongoing growth of RSS Feeds.

Blogging took a while to take off as well. Some of the popular blogs today were launched several years ago. And many domains with the word blog in them were registered several years ago. It wasn't until recently that blog became a mainstream buzz word. However, blogging was slowly building and growing in popularity the entire time even when most people were totally unaware of blogs.

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