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Here are the latest posts about RSS on Writers Write:

  • Google Reader Says Goodbye (2013-07-02): Google Reader officially ended its Google Reader service today. The service launched on October 7, 2005.

  • It's RSS Awareness Day (2008-05-01): Bloggers and people in the Internet industry are aware of RSS but it's reach seems to stop there.

  • It's Good to Be a Bundled Feed (2007-10-15): Google has a post explaining the addition of subscriber numbers to its Google Reader service.

  • New York Times Launches MyTimes (2007-08-23): The New York Times has launched a personalized news start page called MyTimes.

  • Google Reader, MyYahoo, Bloglines, NewsGator and Netvibes Dominating RSS Feed Market (2007-02-22): Most publishers found that their RSS subscriber counts jumped a healthy 20-50% earlier this week when Google Reader started reporting subscriber counts.

  • Finding and Fighting Blog Plagiarism (2007-02-15): Aral Balkan busted RexyStudios for copying two of his blog posts and passing them off as their own work.

  • Yahoo's Impresssive Pipes Already Clogged (2007-02-08): Yahoo launched a new mashup tool called Yahoo Pipes earlier today.

  • Three Blog and RSS Directories Sold (2007-01-25): The Blog Herald reports that three blog and rss directories have been sold recently by the Bloggy Network.

  • Feedburner Feeds Blocked by China? (2006-08-06): Steve Rubel is discussing a post by William Long that says Feedburner feeds are being blocked by China.

  • Feedpass Provides RSS Subscribe Page for Feeds (2006-05-21): Feedpass is a new service that provides an RSS subscription page (or landing page) where people can quickly subscribe to your RSS feed from a variety of RSS readers and email readers.

  • Five Things That Make a Blog a Blog (2006-05-17): Robert Scoble has made a list of five things blogs need to be a blog.

  • How Many RSS Feeds Should One Person Read? (2006-03-04): How many RSS feeds should one person subscribe to before it is too many? How many does it take to get the job done? Ollie at Dayorama recently asked the blogosphere this same question.

  • Feedster Supports Standardized RSS Icon (2006-01-22): Feedster has announced that they will also be supporting the RSS icon that the Mozilla browser uses to indicate when a website has a feed available.

  • WebProBlog Launches With Email Newsletter Advice (2005-11-11): WebProBlog is a new blog from iEntry, Inc.

  • Feeds That Matter (2005-10-09): A Reuters article has some interesting data from Bloglines about how many feeds have a significant number of subscribers.

  • Aggregator Consolidation: NewsGator Acquires NetNewsWire (2005-10-05): NewsGator has acquired NetNewsWire, an RSS reader for Mac OS X.

  • 10% Of Blog Readers Use Feeds (2005-08-16): Slighty over ten percent of blog readers use RSS feeds according to a new Nielsen//NetRatings survey.

  • Microsoft Promises RSS Support in Longhorn (2005-06-26): Microsoft has announced that Longhorn, the next version of Microsoft's operating system, and IE 7.

  • Does RSS Threaten Websites? (2005-05-24): Steve Rubel at Micropersuasion.

  • Don't Dump Email Marketing for RSS (2005-05-16): Email Sherpa, an email marketing newsletter from MarketingSherpa.