Google Reader, MyYahoo, Bloglines, NewsGator and Netvibes Dominating RSS Feed Market

Posted on February 22, 2007

Most publishers found that their RSS subscriber counts jumped a healthy 20-50% earlier this week when Google Reader started reporting subscriber counts. Some feeds did better than others. Feedburner has released some information about feed usage that shows Google Reader has grabbed a considerable percentage of the online RSS reader market.

According to Feedburner, MyYahoo is the leading RSS reader for clicks that send readers back to the publisher's website. MyYahoo has 54% of all these clicks. Google was second with 21%; Bloglines third with 11% and Netvibes fouth with 9% of the clicks.

In the number of views Google Reader is dominant with 59% of all the views. You can see this displayed on this chart below from Feedburner.

Feedburner RSS Views

Feedburner also made some interesting points that the top RSS readers are providing the vast majority of the clicks and views.

  • The top 4 aggregators as measured by clicks - My Yahoo!, Google Reader/Personalized Homepage, Bloglines and Netvibes - account for 95% of all web aggregator clicks to FeedBurner publisher's content.
  • The top 4 aggregators as measured by views - Google Reader, Bloglines, NewsGator and Netvibes - account for 98% of all item views recorded.

    A post on Read/Write Web also shows some recent RSS feed data from Pheedo. According to Pheedo, Google Reader is still trailing Newsgator, Bloglines and MyYahoo.

    If anything the new count from Google Reader gave bloggers an excuse to blog about their RSS subscriber stats. We will see if Google Reader and Netvibes continue to grow from this point on or if Bloglines and Newsgator can fight back.

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