Lindsey Vonn to Publish Her First Book With Dey Street Books

Posted on May 24, 2016

Lindsey Vonn selfie

Olympic Alpine skier Lindsey Vonn will be publishing her first book with William Morrow imprint Dey Street Books. The book, Strong is the New Beautiful, will be published in October 2016. Lindsey will tell her story and offer inspirational advice in the book.

Dey Street says the book is designed to empower and inspire women to "find their strong." It will include Lindsey's never-before-seen training routines, nutritional guidance, and exclusive tips and tricks. There will be photographs of Lindsey demonstrating the techniques. She also shares some of her personal photographs.

Lindsey says in a statement, "Strong is the New Beautiful is filled with all of the expert information and guidance you need to make the right choices for your life whether you are an athlete, a fitness buff or someone who is hoping to get on the right track. My book teaches you how to get strong, stay strong and embrace your natural beauty. It is the perfect companion for living life to the fullest."

Lindsey is very active on social media where she shares selfies and other photographs and keeps fan up-to-date on her activities. She has over 440,000 followers on Twitter, @lindseyvonn, and over 750,000 followers on Instagram, @lindseyvonn.

So happy to be back on snow again today!! 🎉🎿 it's been 10 weeks and a lot of work but I'm baaaack!

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The cover for Lindsey's book has not yet been released. It is available for pre-order already through

Photo: Linsdey Vonn