Pro-Hillary Bloggers Abandon Daily Kos

Posted on March 15, 2008

Daily KosA growing number of Daily Kos diarists are leaving the Daily Kos blog in a protest over the blog's increasingly negative treatment of Hillary Clinton. A post by Alegre kicked off the writer's strike. You can read Allegre's post here on the Daily Kos website.

The Moderate Voice explains why this is a significant issue even though it may not seem important to people who don't read political blogs.

To those who don't visit blogs or get their news from them (which a recent poll shows includes the vast majority of the American public) this might seem to be a provincial conflict, but it is highly significant.

In political terms, it underscores the raw, angry and bitter rivalrly between supporters of Obama and Clinton (as I noted in my appearance on CNN's blog segment last Sunday).

The mirror image distrust, hatred and dismissiveness felt by each side towards the others' candidates accentuates by the day - raising the authentic prospect that even in an awful economy the Democrats will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory - as some supporters of the losing nomination candidate stay home.

Barack Obama's campaign has been under fire for hate-filled comments made by his pastor. The Daily Kos blog has become extremely biased towards Senator Obama and against Senator Clinton. Pro-Clinton bloggers are leaving to go blogs like MyDD, Talk Left and other progressive blogs. ABC's Political Punch talked to Markos Moulitsas, the owner of Daily Kos. Moulitsas says the large number of bloggers leaving his blog is "great."
"First, these people should read up on the definition of 'strike.' What they're doing is a 'boycott.' But whatever they call it, I think it's great. It's a big Internet, so I hope they find what they're looking for."
Moulitsas sounds happy to see all the Hillary Clinton supporters go.

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