Imagine Media Launches PC Accelerator Magazine

Posted on August 25, 1998

Imagine Media Inc., a publisher of computer and interactive entertainment magazines, has announced the launch of PC Accelerator, a monthly PC game magazine aimed at the emerging generation of hardcore PC gamers. The magazine has nationwide distribution through Curtis Circulation. Through this affiliation with Curtis, Imagine is able to guarantee an initial audit of 100,000 readers for the new magazine.

"PC Accelerator will define the emerging accelerated PC game market in its infancy and guide this very enthusiastic, affluent sector of the game market into the year 2000," said Caroline Simpson-Bint, publisher of PC Accelerator. "PC gamers can now experience the gameplay once exclusive to console gamers, but with better graphics and sound. PC Accelerator will be their bible."

Led by long-time Ultra Gameplayers editor, Mike Salmon, PC Accelerator will bring a younger, more attitude-heavy take to the market than do existing PC game titles. Salmon states, "Rarely in the magazine business does an editor get to create a magazine aimed specifically at his or her own demographic. I'm not only the editor of PC Accelerator, I'm also a member of its target audience! PC Accelerator is about games and the people who play them. We will strike an immediate kinship with these gamers, giving them a magazine that speaks their language."

Imagine Media Inc., founded in 1994, is a privately held company headquartered in Brisbane, CA. Imagine produces market-leading print magazines and Web communities that focus on business, computing, electronic entertainment and the Internet. Its eight print magazines include Business 2.0, Game Buyer, MacAddict, Maximum PC, Next Generation, PC Accelerator, PC Gamer and PSM.

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